A passion for beer that instigates experiences worth reliving.

An insatiable desire to explore drives our team. We captured the impulse to follow an unmarked trail down a canyon or drop in on a new single-track run and translated it in our craft. This itch for adventure helps us dream up bold new beers and approach our tried-and-true brews with fresh eyes (and taste buds).


Because we can cook up over 3,000 gallons of beer a day,
we've always got something new bubbling up in the fermenter.

Brewmaster Spotlight
-Issac Winter – Head Brewer, R&D
Life isn't about finding the path.

We're modern pioneers, what we're after isn't always the untouched, it's balance and precision. Because let's face it, a well-crafted life deserves well-crafted beer.

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Finding our muse at the Utah Arts Festival

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We've been humming along on 100% renewable energy since 2001, starting with wind and then adding solar to the mix. But we haven't stopped there, designing equipment over the years to make the brewing process go down as smooth as an ice-cold Pils. Our state of the art Belgian BreauKon brewing system was designed to brew beer efficiently by cutting down on wasted time and energy. From capturing and recycling steam from one brewing cycle to heat the next batch, donating spent grain to a local rancher, and utilizing a centrifuge that filters the beer without chemicals, we're always looking for ways to make better beer in a way that is better for the planet.