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Here are some questions we are asked often. If you do not see your question, or would like more information, please contact us. We are happy to help.

Where does the word "Uinta" come from?

Uinta is a word derived from the Ute Indians, who once inhabited the area. It is pronounced "you-in-tah." Uinta Brewing Company was named after the Uinta mountain range located in northeastern Utah, the only major range facing East-West in the continental U.S.

Can I buy beer at the pub? What are the hours?

Yes. Uinta Brewing's on-site Brewhouse Pub is open to patrons 21 years of age and older Monday - Friday, 11 am - 7 pm.

Does Uinta offer tours of the brewery?

Absolutely, we would love to show you around! Tours are by appointment only, please call ahead to schedule.

I want to have Uinta sponsor my event. How do I submit a request?

Simply complete our sponsorship form. Please note: in most states, donating beer is illegal. We are happy to consider your request and to discuss the possibilities!

How can I get Uinta beers in my state?

Thanks for inquiring! Never hurts to ask your favorite liquor store to carry the beer. Here is a list of current availability. You may find the latest release information by keeping track of Uinta news via our blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

Can you ship me beer?

Unfortunately, no. The law doesn't permit us to ship beer. You can find availability information by state here.

Where are the wind mills located at the brewery?

While it would be cool to have wind turbines at the brewery, there aren't any on the premises. Uinta purchases all of its wind power from a wind farm in Wyoming. The solar panels however, are located on the roof of the brewery.

Where can I recycle glass?

Thanks for asking. Uinta has bins for brown glass recycling on the south side of the parking lot. Please note that we can accept BROWN GLASS ONLY. In order to continue this community service, the bin must not have anything else other than BROWN GLASS.

What kind of glass does Uinta recycle?

Uinta collects and recycles BROWN GLASS ONLY. Uinta also has a cork recycling program at the Brewery, all corks are welcome.

Do I get paid to recycle my glass?

No, but it is not going to a landfill! Good kudos to those who make the effort to recycle brown glass.

What is this 3.2 business?

The State of Utah classifies beer by weight (3.2% ABW—alcohol by weight) rather than by volume (4% ABV). Uinta's beers range from 4% ABV to 13.2% ABV.

Isn't regular beer illegal in Utah?

Not at all. Utah, like many states, has a state-run system, requiring you to purchase higher-alcohol content beers at a state-run liquor store. Beer available in grocery and convenience stores are capped at 4% alcohol by volume (3.2 by weight); the same system as in Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Kansas. Uinta Currently brews beers ranging from 4% ABV to 13.2% ABV.