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Business Practices

In recognizing that choices made at work may affect the greater community, the Uinta Team has adopted practices to reduce waste and conserve energy. Becoming more efficient while reducing waste and conserving energy is an on-going process and a challenge we feel is worth the effort.

Uinta Brewing Company (UBC) became 100% wind powered in 2001. The first company to be 100% wind powered in the State of Utah, Uinta has worked cooperatively as a Visionary with Pacificor's Blue Sky Program to promote the use of wind power to commercial and residential users throughout the state. Blue Sky Pilsner was named in honor of wind power. In 2011, Uinta installed solar-electric paneling on the brewery's roof, allowing up to 30KW of electrical power to be generated for Uinta's beer production—roughly 15% of the brewery's power usage. Uinta is currently 15% Solar and 85% Wind Powered.

Uinta has created a brown glass recycling center. UBC has established a relationship with post consumers of glass, thus eliminating the landfill or expensive transportation to out of state recyclers.

Uinta donates spent grain from the brewing process to local ranchers to use as feed for cattle, sheep and pigs, reducing waste sent to the landfills. Uinta has been donating grain for over 15 years. It is a committed practice to environmental stewardship to divert from the landfill over 3.5 million pounds of spent grain annually.

UBC strives to purchase recycled paper whenever possible. All shrink-wrap, corrugated cardboard, and office paper is reused and/or recycled.

Uinta's Brewhouse Pub uses reusable dishware, recycles all aluminum, and chooses to serve water by the glass and not in individual plastic containers.

UBC utilizes natural lighting where appropriate, while most spaces in the brewery are equipped with high efficiency light bulbs. Installation of "t8" lighting allows Uinta to emit the same amount of light, while using only half the power.