801 Community

Together, with 801, let’s build our community by embracing and promoting local movements and organizations. Cheers, to the ability to unite with beer in a collective effort to better our neck of the woods.

Current 801 beneficiary

Trails Utah is a non-profit organization dedicated to trail advocacy, facilitation and promotion throughout the state. We work to enhance the quality of life for Utah’s citizens and visitors by providing better access to trails and healthy lifestyle opportunities. Trails Utah is committed to bringing you The Greatest Trails on Earth.™

Past Partners
Put the "U" in Uinta



Please submit a nomination for the non-profit organization you'd like to see on the next 801 can. One entry per email per 801 can rotation.
Is this Organization a non-profit 501(c) in the state of Utah?
What is the goal or mission of the Organization?
Why should they be the next benefactor of the 801 brand?